After the Islamic Revolution, Mangan Company started its activity by designing and building a 200-ton gypsum factory, and inspired by the name of Mangan, which represents a type of manganese steel that hardens due to impact and hard impact, is ready to withstand heavy obstacles and problems in design and construction activities. Turned.
It is safe to say that Mangan has been the only company that, from the very beginning, has always devoted a part of its revenue to the development of technology in a real sense and has dealt with the concept of technology in a completely practical and systematic way, believing that the activity Design and construction is a real need in the country and without it, self-sufficiency and industrialization do not make sense.
Has been able to document the following technologies and apply the software and provide the design department in its computer network:
1- Technical knowledge of combustion engineering
2- Technical knowledge of ship unloading and loading equipment
3- Technical knowledge of offshore cranes
4- Technical knowledge of port cranes
5- Technical knowledge of ship cranes
6- Technical knowledge of material transfer equipment
7- Technical knowledge of accumulation and harvesting systems
8- Technical knowledge of long conveyor belt with horizontal and vertical screws
(Length up to 60 km, capacity of thousands of tons per hour)
Each of these technologies includes thousands of sheets of technical documentation, calculations, computer software, references, and more.

With the support of God Almighty, Mangan has implemented good projects as a key during these years, which are for the first time in Iran.